Sewer Standard Drawings

East Valley Water District’s Sewer Standard Drawings can be downloaded following the links provided below. 

Drawing No.  Plan Revision Date
  Sewer Standard Drawings - Complete Set April 2022
S-101 Typical House Connection April 2022
S-102 Deep Cut Sewer Lateral April 2022
S-104 Precast Reinforced Concrete Manhole April 2022
S-105 Sewer Drop Manhole April 2022
S-106 Manhole Frame & Cover April 2022
S-107 Dead End - Pipe Cleanout April 2022
S-109 Dead End Clean Out Frame And Cover April 2022
S-110 Cut-In WYE Connection April 2022
S-111 Standard Symbols & Linetypes April 2022
S-112 Sewer Pipe Curvature April 2022
S-113 Steel Casing For Sewer Pipe April 2022
S-114 Sewer Trench April 2022