Rates 2020

East Valley Water District has completed an independent cost of service analysis and is considering making changes to the current water and wastewater collection rates. As part of its commitment to transparent operations, the District will conduct a public hearing to consider implementing a schedule of increases to the agency’s water rates and wastewater collection charges over the next three years. 

All members of the public are invited to attend the public hearing.

Meeting Information:
This meeting has been postponed to give residents an opportunity to join the conversation. The Governing Board will consider a new public hearing date once California’s Stay at Home order has been lifted. The District will send out revised notices to the community by mail, social media, and on our website.

The public hearing will be conducted pursuant to Article XIIID of the California Constitution. The public hearing notice was sent to all property owners, who may submit a written protest to the proposed rate changes.

Rates in Action
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  3. Frequently Asked Questions

Water rates are influenced by a wide variety of factors, from the cost of maintaining and replacing pipelines to the energy involved in moving water throughout the system. While the District has worked hard to keep rates low by maintaining lean staffing levels, centralizing operations on 1 site and bringing a number of key proactive maintenance measures in house, the costs involved in purchasing, pumping, treating and delivering water is on the rise.

In order to identify the exact costs impacting their customers’ water bills, the District commissioned a detailed cost of service analysis by independent financial experts.

This study identified a number of key factors that are driving rate increases:

  •     Rising treatment and energy costs
  •     Impacts of regulation and legislation
  •     Need to construct additional water storage for reliability
  •     Need to perform critical upgrades and replacement to the water system

View the Water and Wastewater Rate Study Report.

Financial Plan and Rate Review Presentation