Water Quality

East Valley Water District staff regularly monitors the water system quality. Throughout each year, the District collects over 3,200 water samples and flushes 680 fire hydrants in order to maintain the high-quality drinking water supply.

For More Information

If you are curious about chlorine levels at your house or have questions about water quality, please contact the District’s Water Quality Team at (909) 806-4222.

Annual Reporting

The District provides an annual update to the community on water quality in the Consumer Confidence Report. View the most recent report (PDF).

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Water Quality Sampling

The District collects water samples weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually and tri-annually to ensure the safety and quality of the water served. Sample frequency depends on State regulations and health risk factors. 

Click here to view the District’s sampling pyramid, which provides an example of the various samples and frequency of collection.                                    

Consumer Confidence Report

Providing the community with the opportunity to access information about the quality of your drinking water, detected contaminants, and possible health risks is an important job for all water suppliers. State and federal regulations currently in place are very important, and EVWD makes every effort to present this detailed information in a simplified manner.

The Consumer Confidence Report is made available to all customers each spring. Results found are based on an average of all samples collected throughout the year.

Most Recent Report (PDF) | View All Reports

Home Sampling

To ensure the safety of water being delivered to customers, East Valley Water District routinely samples water for harmful contaminants. Samples collected by the District are representative of the water quality being delivered to customers through the meter. Results from samples may not be representative of the water found in the home like plumbing, treatment equipment, and fixtures vary in each home.

For information regarding home water sampling please contact the Water Quality Department at (909) 806-4222.

Total Trihalomethanes

Total Trihalomethanes (TTHMs) are a group of four chemicals that are formed during the water treatment process when chlorine reacts with organic materials such as leaves, plants, and soil in the untreated water. The District regularly conducts water quality testing, including for Trihalomethanes or TTHM. To view quarterly testing results, click here