Budget Based Rates

Information About Rate Changes

The East Valley Water District Board of Directors adopted a budget based rated billing structure (effective June 1, 2015) designed to consider the unique water needs of each customer and to allow the lowest cost water to be utilized for essential use indoors. This customized approach gives families and businesses an allocation of water based upon their unique indoor and outdoor water needs while also encouraging conservation.

As part of its commitment to a transparent operation, EVWD is connecting with its customers to inform them of this proposed change. We want to provide a clear explanation of why rates need to change and detail the reasons behind the rising costs of water service.

Our mission is to inform our ratepayers.

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Rate Study

In order to identify the exact costs impacting customer’s water bills, the District commissioned a detailed cost of service analysis by independent financial experts. This study identified a number of key factors that are driving rate increases such as:

  • Rising treatment and energy costs
  • Impacts of regulation and legislation
  • Drought and conservation measures
  • Need to construct additional water storage for reliability
  • Need to perform critical upgrades and replacement to the water system

Explaining Rising Costs

Water rates are influenced by a wide variety of factors, from the cost of maintaining and replacing pipelines to the energy involved in moving water throughout the system.