East Valley Water District is a County District formed in 1954 through an election by local residents who wanted water service by a public agency. Originally called the East San Bernardino County Water District, the name was changed to East Valley Water District in 1982.

The District was originally formed to provide domestic water service to the unincorporated and agricultural-based communities of Highland and East Highlands. Later, as the population increased, the need for a modern sewer system to replace existing septic tanks became apparent. The residents voted to give East Valley Water District the responsibility for their sewer system, as they did earlier with their water service.

Over the years, some of the district's service area was annexed to the City of San Bernardino. Water service remained with the District, however, primarily due to logistics and cost.

Highland & Beyond

In 1987, the City of Highland incorporated. Now, the district's previously agriculturally dominated service area is urbanized. Before September 2000, the district's service area was approximately 14,750 acres, or 28.5 square miles. An annexation in September 2000 increased the district's service area by 3,228 acres and included the Greenspot Ranch Area.

The District has a service population of approximately 104,000 and collects no tax money. All services are financed solely by rates - customers pay only for the benefits and services they receive.

Expert Service

Because the district focuses on providing 2 services - water and sewer - East Valley Water District has put together a professional team of experts to operate and maintain both systems. The district has developed a straightforward management structure consisting of a Board of Directors that is elected by its customers, a general manager, and staff members. The Board of Directors consists of 5 members of the community who represent their neighbors.

To assure the highest quality, they hire trained professionals to operate and maintain the district's facilities. This combination of elected representatives and water professionals working together, provides the customers of East Valley Water District with efficient and cost-effective water and sewer operations.