Free Educational Materials

To help customers learn more about conservation and how to set your smart controllers, we have provided the following resources. You may also visit our social media pages by search eastvalleywater on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for additional information. 

Weather Based Irrigation Controllers

In this video, learn how to properly install a Solar Sync sensor and learn the different Solar Sync programming functions, plus how to make future adjustments.

This video helps identify and troubleshoot common issues that may arise when installing and setting up a Hunter Wireless Solar Sync® sensor. Your sensor may not be communicating correctly if the controller displays a sensor off message or the sprinkler system does not shut off during a rain or freeze event.

This video shows you the basic steps to program a Hunter Pro-C irrigation controller and how to use its various features, from setting the date and time to adjusting seasonal percentages and more, including manual operation.

This video from Hunter goes in-depth to show you how to use the advanced features of the Pro-C irrigation controller, including everything from the programmable sensor override to Cycle and Soak, plus how to create a lighting program and using the Quick Check feature.

Gardening Basics Workshop Materials

Download materials from the June 4, 2016 conservation workshop on gardening basics. Click on the links below:

Efficient Irrigation Systems

To download the presentation from the June 15, 2016 conservation workshop about efficient irrigation, Click Here.

Design Seminar Plant List

To download the plant list for the July 16, 2016 design seminar, Click Here.